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GreenCard2Golf is a mobile application designed for golfers willing to have the Green Card. The famous Grail will open the doors of all the golf courses in the world. This tool aims to help you in your learning and thus facilitate your final exam. Review the rules by theme according to your weakness and evaluate your progress with training exams made by our golf consultants.



GreenCard2Golf is already available on every IOS Smartphone. 

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   IPhone : Version 1.0 (06/14) 

   Android : Version 1.0 (08/14)

The features of GreenCard2Golf

The application GreenCard2Golf always with you, will allow you to quickly gain the knowledge needed to obtain a Green Card. With this tool, you can enjoy many benefits:

Rules of Golf: In case of doubt, all rules are available in the application.

Review by themes:  Work only themes based on your weaknesses.

Test conditions:  Practise exams tests under real conditions.

Track your progress:  Analyze your progress and know when you are ready for the exam.


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Because it is important to involve all knowledges to provide the best service.

Greencard2Golf allied actors to promote the golf sport and promote its development in the world.

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